Foresight Thinking
The Future of Work - "Living  PlanIT"


What is the value of foresight methods and tools? How is foresight approaches different from conventional planning? What could be the capabilities, mindset, and approach required for successfully operating 10 years from now? 

This practice is in its essence about exploring, imagining and envisioning different futures of strategic design in an environment that will not only become more VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) but is also expected to transform from current dominant forms of creating and delivering value.


  • Foresight thinking

  • Future cone

  • Scenario-based design


We Built a smart city based on foresight methods to redefine the meaning of future work for different industries. We used lego as tools to prototype this smart city and interviewed some young professionals to imagine their missions of work in this self-sustaining city in 2028.


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