Ching-Lun Teng

Research-based UX Designer

at New York



(Still in progress)


Early-stage mobile app development for professional athletes

To create an intuitive and effective way for athletes to understand their progress, view their assignments, and communicate with their coach...


Design Research

Investigate the potential of leather alternative



I love observing people and following the paths of their behaviors to understand who they are and why they did that.


I love catching every tiny detail to find the problems and designing the solutions based on those details.


I love doing research to help me see the whole picture of the situations (and also for my shopping plan as well :)

I love reading maps and traveling around to explore more beautiful things in the world, and of course, observing people :)

And! My background is quite diverse before my design career. I studied agriculture and worked in the fashion retail industry before. So, if you are interested in plants and crops, or sustainable fashion as well, feel free to contact me!


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