Hi! I'm Ching

UX Designer based in NYC



Early-stage mobile app development for professional athletes

To create an intuitive and effective way for athletes to understand their progress, view their assignments, and communicate with their coach...


Scaffolding Chinese learning experience

To redefine and redesign the web application for Mandarin teachers to create easy-reading materials for their students...

Good On You

User research for what users need from ethical fashion brand ratings

To verify if the platform value meets users' needs. Meanwhile, discover  needs for future features...

(Please contact me for more details.)

Design Research

Investigate the potential of leather alternative

To analyze the complicated dilemmas and discover the potential areas of leather-related sustainable materials...

Strategy Design

Materials Matter - a challenge from Nike

In order to reduce and alter the impact that fabric and textile industries have had on the environment, we need to redefine society's relationship with materials and to seek novel and well thought-out ideas...

Sustainable Business Model

The Future of Uniqlo Retail Innovation

To innovate the business model of Uniqlo in order to help Uniqlo achieve its goal of No.1 private label apparel retailer in 2020...(This is a project of 2015.)